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Unlock unlimited potential of combination of crypto and e-commerce with divine power of Kui.



Kui is the one-legged dragon-like legendary creature in ancient Chinese mythology. Before ~2700 BC, the Yellow Emperor, the ancestor of the Chinese nation, used the big drum and drumsticks made of Kui skin and bones to deter the enemy with loud noises, and finally unified all the tribes in ancient China, so Kui usually represents divine power. Bronze ware, porcelain and other utensils carved with Kui-shaped patterns usually symbolized authority and nobility in China.


I bought “kui.eth” in the hope that its divine power will bring me good luck. I have many years of entrepreneurial experience in the e-commerce and crypto industry , and I started this project after seeing unlimited potential that could arise from the combination of crypto and e-commerce. We are now as a small team building first-ever dcommerce ecosystem with divine power of KUI. Thanks to all who believed in us and participated in this great innovation.


Token Address(Arbitrum one): 0x8515decdd748eb440be3a821c06d60c57c128a24

Token Symbol: $KUI

Token Supply: 100,000,000,000


No pre-sale or ICO,no taxes.


~93.53% of the tokens will be given away,~36.5B in the first year, ~100M per day, halved every year. After four halvings, the annual giveaway will be reduced to ~2.28B, ~ 6.25M per day for 11 years.


The remaining ~6.47% of the supply is being held in a wallet only to be used as tokens for future centralized exchange listings, bridges, liquidity pools and daily operation .This wallet can be easily tracked with the ENS name “kui.eth”.


Phase 1

  • Launch

  • Building&Marketing

  • 10,000+ holders

  • 100,000+ twitter followers

Phase 2

  • Building

  • 100,000+ holders

  • 1000,000+ followers on multiple platforms

  • Bring 1000+ store brands to Web3

  • Exchange listings

Phase 3

  • Building

  • 1000,000+ holders

  • 1000,000,000+ followers

  • Bring 100,000+ store brands to Web3

  • T1 exchange listings

  • Community takeover


  • Discord
  • Twitter
  • YouTube
  • TikTok

There is no formal team or roadmap. $KUI may be completely useless and we would never recommend anyone to buy it.

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